My Clothes Fit Better?

Dave personal trains with Debbie 2-3X/week. As a former Iron Man athlete, he know what hard work means, but wanted direction and expert knowledge in order to get to his goals! Read more below for a little on his story. 

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q: Dave, First off, what activities can you do now, that you couldn't before personal training with debbie?

A: I play rugby every Friday, and am actually running! Before starting with Debbie, my knee was just in too much pain to run. I also can bike my long distances, no problem! 

Q: What are the biggest factors in your success?

A: Consistency, hard work and my trainer Debbie! Debbie has me figured out and knows how and when she can push me.

Q: What else have you accomplished since working with Debbie?

A: I have lost some fat, my clothes fit wayyyy better (less belly, more chest) and I sleep a lot better! I also recently finished the Gran Fondo (130k bike race), which would have been a lot more difficult.

Q: Are you happy with your experience at Vagus Fitness?

A: 100% - very happy, I love going to the gym!

Train like dave & see amazing results!

personal training calgary