Our Favorite Exercises Part 4: Pressing Variations

We have showed you a lot of lower body exercises in our Deadlift and Squat blogs. Here are some of our favourite press variations to include in our programs i.e. chest & shoulders!

I hope you learn a few new exercises or this helps to improve your technique. 

Dumbbell & Barbell chest press: Can be done on a flat, inclined or decline bench. Feet should be planted firmly on the floor and shoulder blades squeezing the bench. The dumbbells should sit just outside the edge of your chest, so that you get a deep stretch at the bottom. If using a barbell, your hands should be wide enough in the bottom position so that your forearms are perpendicular to the floor and ceiling. Begin by inhaling deeply, and as you exhale, press explosively toward the ceiling so your hands finish approximately in line with your eyes. Inhale again as you descend slowly and in control, getting a full stretch at the bottom before starting the next repetition. Don't bounce off of the chest.



Dumbbell & barbell shoulder press: Can be done seated or in a standing position. If seated, feet should be planted firmly into the floor, chest up and a tight lower back. If standing, the same applies, but squeezing your quads and glutes will help with stability. Begin by inhaling deeply, and then press the weight up overhead as your exhale. The finishing position should be over your head, not in front - you should engage the shoulders at the top by shrugging, this will create much more stability. Slowly descend and inhale again, bringing the weight all the way down to the shoulders (or upper chest if using a barbell)

Standing push press:  Identical setup and execution to the barbell press, however you begin bending the knees slightly to generate extra power from your legs & hips. It's not a squat, or even a half-squat - simply a slight dip in the knees.

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