Our Favorite Exercises Part 6: Core Exercises

Below are some of our favourite core exercises that we prescribe in our personal training programs! 

Prone planks:

Starting on the floor, create a bridge with your body by placing your forearms on the floor as two points of contact, and the toes of your feet as the other two. Your elbows should be under your shoulders with chin tucked. To stabilize your torso, squeeze your glutes, quads and core. Your hips should be parallel to the floor, not dipping or rising. If you can't keep straight, stop and rest before attempting again

Cement mixers:

The starting position is simply a plank, but your forearms are resting on a Swiss ball. Take a moment to get your balance and straighten your torso. From here, you simply begin 'stirring' motions with your elbows - as if you we're mixing. For variety and a challenge, try and 'spell out' the alphabet - this will keep the movements random which forces your core to be stable in all directions

Palov Press:

Step 1. Set up a ‘D’ handle to approximately chest height on a cable machine. Step 2. With your outside hand on the handle, and inside hand on top, take a wide stance and step away from the machine so that the weight moves on the stack. Step 3. Press the handle out in front of you in a straight line, while squeezing your abdominals and obliques – slowly come back to your sternum in a straight line and finish all reps, before switching sides.

Roll out:

Step 1. Using an ab-roller (or barbell), position yourself on your knees, holding the roller out in front of you on the floor. Step 2. Begin to slowly roll forward, squeezing your core the entire way through. Step 3. Stop just short of the point where you’re unable to keep your hips neutral (ie. They begin to sink toward the floor). Step 4. Return slowly to the starting position, still maintaining a tight core.

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