Our Favourite Exercises Part 1: Squat Variations

Not all squats are created equal! When it comes to creating effective and efficient exercise programs, here are some of our favourite squat variations to include in our programs!


Hope you learn a few new exercises or this helps to improve technique. 

Goblet squat:

Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and toes turned out slightly. Hold the kettle-bell or dumbbell with both hands at chest-height, close to your body. Break at the knee and hip at the same and feel the weight through your heels as you slowly descend, keeping your chest up and head neutral. As you come back up, make sure your knee is tracking approximately over your middle toe. Inhale coming down, exhale as you push off the floor


Barbell back squat:


Place the barbell on the muscular part of your upper back and hold the bar firmly with your hands. With your feet in the same position as the goblet squat, pull the bar firmly into your back, lift your chest up, inhale, and begin your descent. Feel the weight in your heels, keep the knees over your toes and keep the chest up.


Barbell Front squat:


Feet are placed in the same stance as the back squat. The bar is placed across your shoulders, at the base of your neck where the collar bone is. The safest option here is to hold the bar with your fingertips, pointing your elbows in front of you and keeping them high. Alternatively, you can cross your arms, keeping the elbows similarity high. As you descend, your torso should remain as vertical as possible, with your elbows up and weight through the mid foot and heel.


Box squats:

Set up a box behind you that you can sit down on to - it should be solid, like a plyometeic box or aerobics steps. The height should generally be just at, or slightly above parallel. This means that when you sit down, your thighs are parallel to the floor. The setup is similar to a back squat, except your stance will be slightly wider - outside of shoulder width. As you descend to the the box slowly, keep your bum out, chest up and lower back tight. You should never relax your posture during the entire movement, even when you 'sit down'. As you stand back up, drive up through your heels, keep your knees over your middle toes and keep the chest high.

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