Nutrition for Pre and Post Workouts

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It is essential to fuel your body with whole foods in order for your body to build muscle and repair tissue. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when eating before and after your workouts. You want enough energy during cardio and training in order to see results in performance in and out of the gym.


The number one thing that you must do is drink WATER. Every function in our body requires water and without proper hydration your performance and results will suffer.


Secondly, the right type of food to put in your body is vital. Eating food that is whole, live and natural is key to a successful life. Food that is not processed, refined or packaged is what you are looking for. What does this mean? Fruit, vegetables, whole grains such as brown rice, whole wheat or sprouted grain bread and quinoa are a few examples. If it is white it is processed, so stay away from white rice, white bread and white sugar. Proteins such as chicken, beef, bison, turkey, eggs, seafood are essential to building muscle and boosting metabolism so make sure that every meal includes some type of protein.


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Finally what time you eat surrounding your workouts will give you optimum recovery and optimum energy. Pre-workout meals should be consumed a few hours prior to intensive training. You don’t want your body spending all its energy trying to digest the food in your stomach.


You also do not want to eat anything too high in sugar before training as it will spike you blood sugar level and leave you deflated for your workout. Post workout fuel must include protein to help with faster recovery and build and maintain muscle.


Make sure your meals include a protein, a carbohydrate (fruit, vegetable, or whole grain, whole grain pasta) and some fat from healthy oils or nuts and seeds.


Sample Daily Nutrition Plan 

Mornings: Eggs with a slice of sprouted grain bread, some fruit

Snack: Nuts and seeds or apple and nut butter


Lunch: Tuna sandwich on whole grain bread with veggie sticks


Snack: Jerky and nuts or veggie sticks or fruit


Dinner: Grilled chicken, brown rice, broccoli, salad



Protein shakes with a good clean protein powder are great for post workout. Full fat unsweetened yogurt with berries and a little honey is another great snack. Fruit and vegetables make great snacks and they are easy to take with you. The lower quality the food you eat the lower quality your training will be.


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