9 Tips For A Smoother, Safer And More Effective Dead Lift

When it comes to bang for your buck exercises, the dead lift is right at the top of the heap. Failing to include them in your program will lead to less than optimal results in strength development at the gym. Simply put, there’s just no substitute, and no good reason to leave them out.


9 Tips To A Better Dead Lift:


1.     Feet position; Hip-width apart, toes pointed slightly out

2.     Grip; just outside knees

3.     Shoulders; Above, or over the bar, not behind

4.     Torso; Neutral spine, no rounding in lower back

5.     Squeeze; like you’re trying to bend the bar in half - to engage the lats

6.     Stand; Keep the bar in contact with your shins & thighs while you stand

7.     Hips; bring the hips all the way through and stand tall

8.     Heading down in reverse; hips back, bend knees, shoulders over the bar

9.     Reset; take a second or two after each rep, no bouncing off of the floor



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Kyle Mahadeo