5 Fat Loss Tips

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1. Eat Less

Create an energy deficit by eating less. The macronutrient ratio between carbohydrate, fat and protein is, of course, important (especially for maintaining muscle tissue when in energy deficit) but the most important way to increase fat burning is to create negative energy balance 2-5 days of the week

2. Exercise

Use exercise at anytime of the day to expend energy and create an energy deficit. Regardless of the time of day you exercise, if your session results in creating a 24-hr energy deficit, you increase fat burning


3. Sleep + Nutrition

Perform high intensity exercise in the late afternoon or early evening, eat a dinner which is low in carbohydrate, moderate in protein and high in fat and perform aerobic exercise first thing in the morning before breakfast. The depletion in whole body carbohydrate stores via exercise and the overnight fast increases fat burning significantly during the morning session


4. Pre-Exercise Drink

Green tea, black coffee and caffeine may benefit the exercise performed in the fasted state. Aim for 1-2mg/kg/BM for caffeine intake (or equivalent in coffee)


5. Get Fit

The higher your cardiovascular fitness, the greater the amount of fat burned during exercise. HIT, SIT, long intervals, tempo, fartlek, steady state, circuit weight training should all be used. The fitter you are, the greater the fat burning