4 Tips To Get You Wedding Dress Ready!

This is a great blog for brides to help them prepare for their wedding day by Leslie Mckernon!

wedding personal trainer

1.     Train for the dress! Shoulders, arms and back are what are mostly exposed in a wedding dress, Rock them!

2.     Interview trainers and facilities to make sure you find the right one for your goals. Most places will try to lock you into a long term package. Is this right for you?

3.     Make a plan. This will keep you on track and less stressed

4.     Enjoy the journey – take in all the moments and savour the experience.


Here are some great exercises to get You ready for your big day!


A bride has many decisions to make while planning a wedding. The venue, the food, the flowers, THE DRESS!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and the way you look and feel in your dress dictates your impression of how the day goes. You need to get ready for this day.

You have decided on the dress and now you want to look your best in it. A bride needs to have a plan for this just like a plan for how the reception proceeds.


Wedding Workout Plan


Step One -Meet with a qualified trainer and discuss your wedding goals. Bring a picture of your dress! This is your wedding, you want to train and accentuate the body parts that are highlighted with your dress style.


Step Two- Set realistic goals with your trainer. Give yourself a timeline and schedule for your workouts. Allow your trainer to hold you accountable to this schedule.


Step Three- Keep a food journal and discuss it regularly with your trainer


Step Four- Use your workout time as a time to get away from the stress of planning a wedding! Enjoy the good that you are doing for your body. If you decide to have a workout buddy choose wisely. Is this a person involved with the wedding? Are they a positive personality that will allow you relax and focus of you or will they cause more question and insecurities?


Consider training with other brides. You all have similar goals and sometimes talking with other like-minded objective females helps to problem solve and de-stress.


Leslie specializes in helping brides get ready for their big day! If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact her at info@vagusfitness.com. Or sign up below and receive $100 toward our program.