The BEST Workout In Under 10 Minutes

Deb Nw Calgary Personal Trainer

Coach Debbie had just finished a long day coaching clients, and only had 10 minutes to get a quick workout in. She was looking around at the equipment we have in the studio with a puzzled look on her face... 

So I asked her, "What kind of workout are you doing today Debbie?"

"I only have 10 minutes before I have to go pick-up my kids, so i'm going to put together a short circuit." She replied

"Instead of choosing several exercises, how about choosing just one exercise?" I said as I walked over to our Kettle bell rack. "70 reps of kettle bell swings should do the trick."

"ummmm, 70 reps?"

"Yup, 70 is all you'll need for one of the best core, glute, hamstring, shoulder AND cardiovascular workouts you will ever have." I replied. "Let's pick a weight where you can get close to completing 70 reps in a row, without rest."

Time was running out, and Debbie needed to get moving, so she agreed. I handed her a 50 lb kettle bell, stepped back and watched the magic happen.

After she was done all 70 reps, I asked her what the moral of the story was? "Simplicity," she replied. "And sometimes less is more."

You see, fitness and exercise does not have to be complicated. Completing more exercises in a workout is not necessarily better for you. Spending hours in the gym is not necessarily better for you. Spending hours in the kitchen trying to figure out your meal plan, is not necessarily better for you. 

Keep it simple, and you may be surprised at the results!

For a quick workout, try this:

-70 kettle bell swings

Choose a weight where 70 reps would be difficult. If you only get to, let's say 40 reps, and need a break - take a break for 60 seconds and start where you left off. 

That's it, that's all. A workout in under 10 minutes!

adam browne