Client Testimonial - Mylthie C



How did you hear about Vagus Fitness?

I first found out about Vagus Fitness when I saw their “Opening Soon” sign in Royal Oak. I went to their website and I noticed that they were offering a free $100.00 gift certificate to get started, so I signed up and booked a free consultation. 

Vagus Fitness is awesome because...

My favourite part about being a client of Vagus is the environment. It’s not a big intimidating gym with a bunch of people, it’s small, everyone knows your name, and all of the trainers are so encouraging. I would have never thought working out could actually be fun, until now. Every time I leave a workout at Vagus I leave feeling a little more confident. Thank you Vagus for helping me face my fitness fears and reach my fitness goals!

Before Vagus Fitness...

Before Vagus, my exercise routine consisted of walking the dog a few times a week, doing a drop-in yoga class everyone once in a while and various attempts to finish the P90X program (but I never did).

My Biggest Challenges...

I had various attempts to finish the P90X program, but I could never stick to the whole program! My problem was that I was constantly second guessing if I was doing it right and if I got discouraged I would skip a day or just quit the program and no one really knew. I wanted to get fit and tone up, I just knew I couldn’t do it on my own.

Why did you start with Vagus Fitness?

I was going to do some travelling for two months, and I was to return in the new year. I thought it would be the perfect time to start a new workout routine. So, I made it my new years resolution to go to Vagus and get a trainer when I got back. I knew in order to be successful I needed some guidance and someone to hold me accountable, that way I could stick to it!

What Program Did you start with and who was your trainer?

I started off with one-on-one training with Coach Natasha Jackson 2x/week. One of the first things I found out about Natasha was that she was training to be in the Olympics. Talk about intimidating! I knew I was going to get my butt kicked, but that was exactly what I needed! Natasha knew how to push me to my limits every workout, but also knew when my body needed a break. There were days where I would struggle and second guess if I was doing every exercise correctly, and she would always tells me to just do it, and not think about it. She has taught me to own what I do, and I take that advice with me inside and outside of the gym. She is such an inspiring person and I’m glad to have her as my trainer. I am now doing the Live Fit Program 3x/week and I am loving it!

are there any activities you do now that you couldn't before?

Natasha has inspired me to start running, and I now run 5-10km at least twice a week, something I would have NEVER done on my own, I hated running! 

And what about the trainers at vagus?

Each trainer I have worked with is just as caring and supportive as Natasha. You can really tell that they all love what they do, and that makes the experience a lot more fun! Every trainer has different tips and I find all of their advice very helpful. Even through I am doing group training now, everything is still very personalized and I love that they focus on the client’s goals.

-Mylthie C