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If you are like 90% of Canadian's, you are looking to lose some weight and decrease your body fat percentage. Vagus Fitness has helped hundreds of clients reach and maintain their ideal body composition and in this blog I am going to give away all the secrets on how we do it.

First things first. How motivated are you to reach your fitness goals? Is your "why" bigger than your resistances? If your answer is YES, then you will be successful with good planning and preparation. If your resistances outweigh your motivation, than actually sticking to a routine for months at a time becomes tricky. I wrote a blog earlier on how to  Motivate Yourself And Make A Difference. Check it out for more information on this topic!

Once you are committed, you need a plan! Not just any plan though, but one that will change your body composition for the long term, in a way that is both safe and effective.

The exercise program I am about to share with you does just that. If combined with the proper nutrition plan (stay tuned to my next blog) you can expect to see results in this program within 30 days! 

The Program Is Tested And Proven By Real People

The program I am about to share with you is not complex, but when performed correctly is very effective at building muscle (no, you will not get bulky), and losing fat. The programs we build for the average person looking to get in shape is a linear program consisting of weight training 3-4 days per week and only performing cardio a couple times per week (if you love cardio this will be different).

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More is not always better

The first and most important concept to learn is that more is not always better. Just because you exercise 7 days a week, does not mean that you will see better results than a person exercising 3 days a week. Your success in a program depends on the quality of the workouts, not the quantity.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. After all, we are training to change your body composition and health forever. Not to become the next fitness cover model. Controlling your body composition is not accomplished through quick fixes, but instead by gaining the skills and knowledge to be able to sustain positive results over the long run.



The single most important factor in determining the success of a fat loss goal is creating a net energy deficit over time.

Creating a deficit through nutrition is a big part of the equation, but ideally we want to incorporate resistance training, as well as some kind of cardiovascular training (if need be). 

When trying to reduce body fat, it may seem counterintuitive to want to maintain or even add muscle to your body. However, muscle tissue plays an extremely important role in a fat loss goal, which is why resistance training must be performed. 


The Theory 

The idea behind completing full-body workouts is that, in general, they are more ‘energy-expensive’ compared to a typical ‘body part split’ routine.

By focusing the majority of the exercises on larger muscle groups, you can expect to get more out of each workout, rather than focusing on smaller body parts.

Many of the exercises are unilateral – meaning limbs are trained independently, which results in improved overall muscular balance, which results in improving your quality of movement over time. 



Ideally, you should perform between 3-4 weight training sessions per week. You can begin doing 3 and work your way up to 4 as you improve your conditioning.

How you choose to structure your week is entirely up to you – something that meshes well with your schedule is ideal, as that’s likely something that can be sustained consistently. A sample week looks like this:

Monday: Day 1

Tuesday: Cardio - high intensity

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Day 2

Friday: Day 3

Saturday: Cardio - low intensity

Sunday: Rest

As a general rule, you probably don’t want to complete three weight-training days in a row. Therefore Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday are two common splits for this type of program. 

High Intensity cardio 

This format of cardio is designed for people who like to keep things short and sweet.

The following template can apply to any form of cardio – biking, running, stair sprints, or skipping to name a few. High intensity means that by the end of the session, you’re exhausted and shouldn’t have any desire to keep going

Step 1: 3-5 minute warm up
Step 2: 30 seconds at your best pace possible
Step 3: 60 seconds at an ‘easy’ pace, but still moving
Step 4: Repeat steps 1 & 2 anywhere from 8-15 more times (depending on fitness level)
Step 5: Cool down

** If resting 60 seconds becomes too easy, reduce it to 45 seconds, or 30 seconds if you’re brave


This format of cardio is designed for people who enjoy longer bouts of activity at a slower pace. Again, the following template can be applied to many different forms of cardio such as running, biking, swimming, or rowing to name a few...

Step 1: 3-5 minute warm up
Step 2: 35-45 minutes @ approximately 155 to 165 beats per minute (heart rate)

Step 3: 3-5 minute cool down 

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Here Is The 4 Week Fat Loss Program

All of the exercises have Scannable QR codes so you can see how to do the exercises.

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