Personal Training will change your life….We will show you how


How would you feel if you could jump higher? Run faster? Lift more weight?

You would probably feel pretty good.

However, how would you feel if you had no pain in your movement? Have more range of motion? And even have more strength?

Your life would be changed forever.

Personal training with a qualified and educated trainer can do this. At Vagus Fitness we are in the business of changing lives and want to change yours like we have with so many of our other clients.


Let me just share a few of our stories.


over 70 personal training

Case Study - Dianne P

Imagine a life of pain. The pain is in your joints from many years of arthritis. A life that is used to being active, playing tennis, gardening and painting. Give it up to age? Live with it? NO! Our client, Dianne decided to do something about it and train with Jeff, our lead trainer here at Vagus Fitness and after a year she is pain free in her hands, can play back to back days of tennis and can deadlift heavier than most ladies 50 years her junior.  Our carefully designed programs and educated trainers changed her life.

Case Study - Jimmy B

Imagine being a young man. He was full of life, ready to take on the world and surf his way through it and then one day wakes up and is partially paralyzed due to a rare spinal compression as a result of the daily toll that surfing did to his body. Doctor’s said his range of motion and walking would never recover to the same degree. Give up? Throw in the surfboard? NO! Jimmy came to us looking for a trainer and facility who had the knowledge and capability to help him gain strength without threat of injury. That range of motion? It continues to improve and get stronger every day. That walk? Independent and stronger. We have helped Jimmy change his life.

Case Study - Heather S

Imagine not being able to run without knee pain. Meet another client, Heather. She came to us unsure about personal training and it’s benefits. She was running on her own, but with pain. After a month of our defined movement and mobility strength training she has been running pain free and loving the process. She is learning about nutrition and how to properly lift weights. Her smile when she comes in everyday to train tells the story of how we are changing her life.


These are just 3 clients of many where having a personal trainer has completely redefined their life. Make the change today for yourself! At Vagus Fitness personal training is what we do! It’s what we are passionate about and what we want to share with the world. We provide much, much more than a workout. It is our mandate to design long-term programs that educate while producing great results.


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