I used to have horrible upper back pain...

-Heather S Testimonial


Q: Heather, you started personal training with Vagus Fitness back in May. Since then, what have your biggest accomplishments been?

A: I used to have horrible upper back pain from slouching and having no strength there. After six weeks it was virtually gone!

Q: And what about in the last 30 days?

A: Being able to do a weighted squat...with little to no swearing. Well...mostly just a little.

Q: What were you nervous about when you first came to Vagus Fitness?

A: Definitely barbell weights. When Debbie told me we were doing barbell weights, I was nervous that I couldn't do it. But, she worked me through it!

Q: Are there any activities that you can do now that you couldn't do before training with Debbie?

A: I can run with more strength up hills and I have more endurance with my running as well. My knees also never hurt post-run, which they used to.

Q: What do you think the biggest factor in your success is?

A: Having Debbie convince me that I can do it. My mind gets the better of me - she's there telling me, "trust me, you can do this!"

Q: How has personal training made a difference in your regular life and hobbies?

A: Yes - running was on hold due to all my running injuries. Now i'm running every second day - I haven't run in three years before that!

Q: Would you recommend Vagus Fitness to others?

A: Yes!

adam browne