How I Gained More Energy & Fixed My Knee!

Client Testimonial - Deborah K

Meet Deb, who has been training with Vagus Fitness since November of 2013. She does Personal Training (1-on-1) with Leslie 2-3X/week in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and strengthen her muscles. Below is a little bit more about her time with Vagus!


Q: What were you nervous about when your first came to Vagus Fitness?

A: I was mainly nervous about two things. The first, which I think a lot of people new to exercise can relate to, is, will I fit in with the other clients at the gym. The second things I was a little bit nervous about was whether my trainer would be able to accommodate my physical limitations of having an inflexible hip and bad knee. After having my first session with Leslie, both of my concerns were alleviated. The staff and other clients are so welcoming and I felt right at home!

Q: What do you think your biggest accomplishments have been since starting?

A: I am much stronger, have better balance and have more confidence related to working out.

Q: How has personal training made a difference in your regular life and hobbies?

A: My knee is much more stable and I notice this in my day-to-day activities. I also have MUCH more energy to do other activities.

Q: What do you think the biggest factors in your success are?

A: Having my trainer Leslie adjust my workouts to support physical limitations as problems arise. I also believe that persistence/staying the course/not quitting has allowed me to keep progressing!


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