How I Can Now Do 3 Pull-ups!

Amy Personal Training

Amy has been training in Vagus Fitness' Group Personal Training program since June, 2015. The strength gains she has made are impressive - read below for more of here story!

Q: Hey Amy! What were your goals when you first started with Vagus Fitness?

A: Like a lot of people, I wanted to decrease my body fat %. Not necessarily lose weight though, but add muscle and lose fat. I also wanted to get strong!

Q: And how would you say you are doing?

A: Awesome, I have accomplished feats I never thought was even possible:

  • I have added 10 lbs of muscle, without gaining inches.
  • I can now do 3 pull-ups WITHOUT assistance! Click here for video :)
  • I am the strongest I have ever been, by a long shot.

Q: How has personal training impacted your life outside of the gym?

A: I think the biggest thing I have noticed is that my runners knee is virtually gone. My right knee used to have lots of pain after a run, but that has basically disappeared. I am also much more powerful on my runs. 

The fact that people are noticing my muscles, especially my arms, isn't so bad either!

Q: What do you think the biggest factors in your success are?

A: Consistently making it to Vagus 2X/week. I never miss a workout, and I think this has made it possible for me to reach my goals. Also, being conscious of my diet has been a contributing factor.

Q: So what's on the chopping block next. What are your next goals?

A: I want to continue to strengthen my right knee and improve my back and core strength!

Q: What can you say about your experience with Vagus Fitness?

A: Training at Vagus Fitness has become a hobby and is the best part of my week! I always look forward to my sessions. I like how the workouts are designed for me, so they are very effective. The people that workout with me as well as the staff are awesome. It is such a fun & friendly environment. I regret not starting sooner!

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