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How do I live a healthy lifestyle while balancing work, family and a social life?

For the most part, the act of exercise and understanding what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle are fairly easy concepts to understand. Why is it that so many Canadians have such a hard time reaching their fitness goals? The problem is deeply rooted in our society. Today it is way easier to live an unhealthy lifestyle then a healthy one, and with that ease comes a sense of comfort. It is human nature to want that feeling of comfort and easily revert to poor health choices when there is stress at work, family commitments or even pressures from your peers in your social life.  Finding Balance in your health and personal life can be extremely difficult.

How important is your health and well-being?

What if there was a way to live longer, feel and look better, reduce stress, and have better sex while still managing all of your responsibilities and enjoying life. Would this increase the quality of your life? Time is our most valuable asset, and unfortunately as we use up our clock, our body starts to deteriorate. The only way to slow this process is through healthy eating and exercise. If there way a way to make healthy living enjoyable and effective would you participate? At Vagus Fitness we offer a program that helps create and maintain healthy lifestyle and our patrons enjoy doing it.

Maybe it seems easy enough, but our experience tells us something different.

Healthy living seems so easy, why is it that so many people get trapped in unhealthy life styles? This is because it takes work, commitment and perseverance. A lot of which people don’t feel they have the time or money for. But can you put a price or a value on your health? Consumers are always looking for things that are quick fixes at the lowest price. Unfortunately living healthy is not a quick fix, it is a life long process. Too many people get caught up in the "now" fitness product or a yo-yo diet, and ultimately end up seeing short lived improvements, getting discouraged when that way of eating, or type of exercise is too difficult to maintain. The focus should be on creating a balanced lifestyle that is maintainable and enjoyable.

We can help.

Our client’s happiness is our only motivation. Seeing them grow and improve their lives is how we measure our success. Our Program is built on five areas that make sure our clients get results and also enjoy their experience with us.

Mind: Your motivation, Goal setting, and accountability

Environment: Enjoying the facility you are in and the community of people

Exercise: Choosing exercises specific to your body that will promote results

Nutrition: Making sure you are in taking the best fuel possible for your body

Rest: Allowing your body the appropriate recovery time to prevent injury

With the wide variety of weight loss programs and diet plans why should you choose Vagus Fitness?

We take the thinking out of fitness:  We walk our clients though their workouts and programs step by step. Every time you enter our studio you will be greeted and taken through an exercise program that is customized for you which includes a diet program. You just need to show up and follow the plan.

We value your dollar: Everyone can exercise on your own but the power of a team and support system gives our clients great results. We realize that our clients do not only pay to exercise but also to be educated and have a great experience throughout their fitness journey. We offer programs and services that give our clients the best value for their dollar in the business!

Environment, community and fun are everything: People are the most effective when they feel comfortable, have a community of people to support them and enjoy what they are doing. We guarantee you will love your gym and the people you meet in our program.

Family business: Family, friends, and community are what this company is built around. Our services allow any member of the family to participate or an environment where you could bring anyone and they can exercise while feeling like they fit in!

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