ACL Tear? How Stephanie Is Fixing Her Knee.

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Stephanie M has been a long, long time client of Vagus Fitness. After a year or so hiatus, Stephanie came to us after tearing her ACL. Training 2X/week with a well planned strength program, Stephanie has made some awesome progress, and will be testing that knee again this January in the same skiing trip that she got injured on last year! (Debbie is Stephanie's trainer).

Q: Stephanie, How long have you been training with vagus fitness?

A: Since Kyle & Adam were running things out of their basement in Tuscany (2010). I have been training 1-on-1 with Debbie since August though!

Q: What were you looking to accomplish with Debbie?

A: I tore my ACL in January when I was Cat Skiing (ughhh!) My goal was to fully recover from that injury, and ski that same Cat Skiing trip this January. 

Q: How is that coming along? 

A: Excellent actually! I am feeling confident enough in my recovery that I booked my Cat Skiing trip in January! Woohoo!

Personal Trainer Calgary

Q: What else are you proud about?

A: I am doing some pretty awesome stuff in the gym right now. I am doing 4 sets of 4 eccentric chin-ups no problem. I started off doing bodyweight squats in August, and now I am up to 125 lb back squat! Not bad for a lady with an ACL tear. 

Q: Has personal training made a difference in your regular life and hobbies?

A: Of definitely. One thing I didn't necessarily expect is my attention to my diet! I didn't come to Debbie looking for weight loss or anything like that, but just being around the Vagus community has made me much more food conscious! 

q: You've mentioned debbie a couple of times. What do you think of her?

A: LOVE working with Debbie! She knows what she is doing and has helped me get to where I am now!

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