6 Tips For A Healthier Thanksgiving Dinner

This is not one of those blog posts that tries to strike the fear of God into anyone who who even dreams of making "unhealthy" mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving... 

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, which for some, includes eating traditional Thanksgiving fare. 

For those that are keen on trying a few recipe's that are easier on the Carb's, read below for some great tips and recipe's that can be served as an alternative to many favourite dishes (and may actually taste better than the original)!


6 Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. Replace mashed potatoes with mashed cauliflower or a mix of cauliflower and potatoes to decrease carbohydrates. Try this awesome mashed cauliflower recipe.
  2.  Increase number of green vegetables side dishes, like this delicious Bacon Pecan Brussel Sprouts recipe.
  3. Use fruit as a sweetener in cranberry sauce instead of straight sugar. This recipe is a fantastic one!
  4. Make a bread-free stuffing or use nut flours for breadcrumbs. This sausage and apple stuffing is to die for!
  5. Use nut flours for the base of pies. This pumpkin cheesecake uses walnuts for the crust!
  6. Skip the alcohol…or minimize consumption...try this recipe for the most basic version of alcohol free beverages ;)


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