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Finally: a gym for people like you, with bodies like yours, and goals you can relate to.

At Vagus, you'll get the results you want, with the accountability you need, and a personal training experience unlike anywhere else in Calgary.

Calgary Personal Training

Personal Training

Work with a dedicated instructor and get a personalized workout regimen that fits your body, your diet & your goals.

Calgary Personal Training

Measurable Results

Get a systemized, safe & technique-focused workout built by one of our professional trainers.

Calgary Personal Training

Friendly Community

Enjoy a stress-free gym experience, thanks to our supportive community and comfortable environment.


At Vagus, you get a completely personalized fitness program with 1-on-1 personal training or semi-private sessions for up to five people.


A faster, safer, more sustainable way to reach your goals

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Our specialities include…

Vagus Fitness Calgary Personal Training | Strong, Healthy & Over 50

Strong, Healthy & Over 50

Your life isn’t slowing down— so why should you? We specialize in helping clients over 50 gain energy, tone muscles, lose fat and do things they never thought possible.

Vagus personal training empowers you to enjoy all of life's adventures.


Vagus Fitness Personal Training Calgary | Injury & Illness Rehabilitation

Healthy Bone & Joints

Recovering from surgery, suffering from a chronic condition, or experiencing joint and bone pain? Strength training can help.

Our professional trainers teach you safe, effective workouts to help alleviate pain and speed up recovery.


Vagus Fitness Calgary Personal Training | Fit For All Ages

Learn To Lift 

A program for fitness beginners looking to add strength training into their exercise routine in a safe, progressive manner.

Learn how to squat, deadlift and even do a pull-up while improving strength, muscle tone and overall health. 


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Vagus Fitness Personal Training Calgary | Testimonial

"You're not just another number at Vagus. You're and actual person, with a life and goals - and every trainer knows you by name.

All the trainers at Vagus are compassionate, but they also push when you need it. It's the most welcoming, safe place I've ever been."

- Cathy, Vagus member since 2015.




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