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Everything You Need To Lose Weight, Build Muscle, And Improve Your Health

Vagus Fitness creates simple, safe and effective personal training programs. Want to get a simple, safe and effective workout plan for yourself? Here’s how you can...


Overcome your fear of gyms with our team of highly educated professional personal trainers

Are you new to exercise or intimidated by the gym? It does not matter your age, exercise background or injury history, Vagus Fitness specializes in turning its clients into fitness experts.      

Here Is How Personal Training Can Help You...

Personal Training Calgary

Weight Loss & Body Image

In your sessions, our coaches provide you with powerful tools that help you lose weight and create a healthier body - without being overbearing.

Calgary Personal Training

Tone & Strengthen

Discover how to get the most out of your workout, improve your strength, and increase your muscle tone through a safe, balanced program designed specifically for you!

Function & Mobility

Turn back the “sands of time” with workout programs designed to increase your flexibility and mobility.

Vagus Fitness Calgary Personal Training


Old injuries? We have helped hundreds of people get over old injuries through a custom designed strength and resistance program.Learn how to increase your core strength with active rehabilitation. Also, discover how to manage your pain with simple movement and strengthening techniques that will help keep the body active.

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